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HI 3831T Total Chlorine Test Kit

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02 / 06 / 2020
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PT. Hanna Instrument indotama Kami adalah perusahaan agen tunggal di Indonesia untuk merk HANNA yang bergerak dibidang alat laboratoriun dengan spesifikasi water analisys, pengolahan air bersih, Pengolahan air tawar, pengolahan limbah dan lain-lain. Alat-alat yang dijual Checker HC Chemical Test Kits pH Meters pH/ ORP Meters Ion Selective pH/ ORP

Detail HI 3831T Total Chlorine Test Kit

Total Chlorine test kit

The HI-3831T total chlorine test kit is equipped with all you need to determine total chlorine levels in water.

The chlorination of water supplies and polluted waters is used mainly to destroy or deactivate disease-producing micro-organisms. It also serves to improve the quality of drinking waters, as chlorine reacts with ammonia, iron, manganese, sulphide and some organic substances.

Nevertheless, high amounts of chlorine will produce adverse effects, like formation of compounds which are potentially carcinogenic (e.g. chloroform) or harmful to aquatic life (e.g. chloramines). Thus it is essential to control that the proper amount of chlorine has been added in order to fulfil the primary purpose of disinfecting and to minimise any adverse effects.


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